About Us

The Throne Bet Company was founded in April 2015. Since then, 50 betting premises have been opened all around Dar es Salaam and still expanding. Our core business is the organization of sports betting, odds production and the implementation of the accompanying support software.

The primary aim of Throne Bet business policy is the establishment and improvement of standards in the sports betting domain. Throne Bet offers the highest betting odds in the markets. This is made possible by our team of respected statisticians, mathematicians, IT experts as well as people who indulge in sports. We have gained our experience in creating of betting odds by years.

Our fair and open relationship with the customers also contributed to this achievement. As a part of our core business, we create our own high quality betting odds in various sports and other events. We offer around 100 odds for over 300 events on daily basis. At any moment our betting offer includes more than 60 standard football odds and over 40 odds for other sports games. Football, basketball, tennis, ice- hockey, volleyball and handball as well as rugby and baseball are part of our standard offer.

We operate under the license of Gaming Board of Tanzania.

Thanking our loyal customers for your continued support.

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