FIFA agree on temporary rule changes for when football returns

FIFA agree on temporary rule changes for when football returns

FIFA have agreed on a number of temporary rule changes for if/when football returns.

The world football governing body have liaised with lawmakers from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) – who have approved the introduction of five substitutions for teams to lessen the load on players who now look set to play a high volume of games in a short period of time following the COVID-19 outbreak.

With fears of fatigue and injuries following an extended, unscheduled rest period, clubs will almost definitely be pleased with the decision to allow for an extra two substitutions.

There will only be three in-game opportunities to make substitutions, with an extra sub allowed in extra time.

Also part of the confirmed changes is the ability to scrap VAR in the middle of the season – though this will depend on each individual league and how they elect to act.

There’s no word on what the Premier League’s stance on VAR is going forward but it’s worth noting that social distancing isn’t exactly being carried out at Stockley Park.

It has been reported that an alternative plan could see referees move to a mobile unit outside the car parks of stadiums.

This has only happened on one occasion in England – during Manchester City’s 1-0 Carabao Cup semi-final second leg win over Burton Albion last season.