LeBron James addresses trade rumors amidst All-Star weekend

LeBron James

LeBron James addressed surprising trade rumors to the Golden State Warriors during the NBA All-Star weekend, clarifying the lack of substantial discussions and dispelling speculation surrounding his future with the Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James found himself at the center of trade rumors involving the Golden State Warriors ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline, surprising both fans and the player himself.

Participating in the NBA All-Star weekend events before Sunday night’s game, James addressed the speculation surrounding a potential trade to the Warriors during a press conference.

The NBA star expressed his surprise at the rumors and shed light on the behind-the-scenes nature of such discussions.

“It didn’t go far at all. I actually heard about it when everybody else heard about it. Obviously, Charles has been in the league, Kenny has been in the league, Shaq has been in the league, and sometimes there are conversations that happen behind closed doors.”

“Ones that you don’t even know about,” James added. “Until its real or not, then they will bring it to you. But it never even got to me so, I heard it when the reports dropped as well.”