Olivia Dunne shines in exclusive Spring Break photos amid social media turmoil

Msichana mrembo

Amidst controversy over a potentially explicit selfie violating Meta’s no-nudity policy, LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne remains unfazed, sharing captivating behind-the-scenes snapshots from her Spring Break in Baton Rouge

The 21-year-old LSU gymnast recently garnered attention and faced potential consequences on the social media platform for a selfie posted on her story, where her nipple was seemingly visible. The now-deleted image posed a potential violation of Meta’s stringent no-nudity policy, leaving uncertainty about any impending repercussions.

Nevertheless, Dunne, with her substantial following of five million, seems to be resuming her usual social media activities. She has chosen to showcase a series of fresh photos on Sunday, highlighting herself in a stylish brown bikini.