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Jude Bellingham faces possible ten-game suspension

Jude Bellingham

The Real Madrid midfielder faces investigation by the Spanish Soccer Federation for alleged ‘rapist’ remarks towards Mason Greenwood, with potential disciplinary action ranging from a four to ten-game suspension

Real Madrid’s midfielder, Jude Bellingham, finds himself in the midst of an investigation by Spain’s soccer federation following allegations of making a derogatory remark towards Mason Greenwood during a recent match against Getafe.

The incident prompted an official complaint from Getafe to LaLiga, leading to the league referring the matter to the competition committee of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation (RFEF).

The RFEF is in the process of appointing a judge to conduct a thorough investigation into the accusations. A decision on whether Bellingham will face disciplinary action is expected within the next two weeks.

If the midfielder is found guilty and the incident is deemed “serious,” it could result in a four-game suspension. However, if the offense is considered “grave,” the punishment could escalate to as much as ten games.

Both Real Madrid and Getafe will have a 10-day window to appeal the final decision once it is rendered by the appointed judge.

The gravity of the situation underscores the potential impact on Bellingham’s playing future, and the thoroughness of the investigation aims to ensure a fair and just resolution to the matter.