Roma coach De Rossi pleased with victory over Salernitana

Paulo Dybala

Roma coach Daniele de Rossi was pleased with Monday’s 2-1 win against Salernitana.

Paulo Dybala’s penalty and Lorenzo Pellegrini’s goal were enough for the Giallorossi.

“I told them the same that I did after the Verona game, which is that if we have this slow possession without moving the ball around quickly, without trying to break the defensive lines, we will not get any shots on goal,” De Rossi told DAZN.

“However, if we keep the ball, dominate the game and also then pounce on those moments like vultures, then we can be a really strong team.

“It’s something we must work on, figure out the moments of the game, when we need to wait and when we ought to pounce.

“In football you can talk about systems and tactics, but the fact is it’s all about 20 duels all over the pitch, when you have the ball and when the others do. That’s all football is about in the end, the rest is philosophy.

“However, if the lads are not in a condition to win those duels, then that is my fault as coach. I must have them ready to know when to go in and when to hold back. When I get them to understand that, they will make the difference.”