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Former Raiders Damon Arnette accused of stealing property from OnlyFans model Danii Banks

OnlyFans model Danii Banks accused ex-Raiders player Damon Arnette

On Monday Arnette pleaded guilty on an assault and drawing a deadly weapon charge

Damon Arnette, who was the Las Vegas Raiders’ first pick of the 2020 NFL Draft (19 overall), was accused of stealing property belonging to Danii Banks, a popular OnlyFans model and influencer.

Banks exposed Arnette during her recent appearance in the Pillow Talk podcast that was released this Wednesday.

Arnette is accused of stealing a Cartier watch, her phone, and money from her apartment during a party in 2022.

Banks claims to have surveillance proof

Danii Banks, who has over 8 million followers on Instagram, named Damon as one of the three people who stole her property from a party she hosted at her Las Vegas apartment in 2022.

Banks referred to Damond as “the little football player, that played for the Raiders that got kicked off trying to shoot someone or some shit,” when talking about the incident.

The model claimed to have evidence of the heist and also revealed that Damond is known for stealing from girls:“I have it all on camera. Him and his friends leaving my house. Come to find out he does that to bitches and then f*cking did it to me,”Banks commented.

The OnlyFans content creator said police did investigate the incident but they couldn’t arrest any of the people involved because the footage doesn’t show him stealing the watch.

In the podcast, Banks also said she’s not concerned or bothered by Arnette’s supposed crime because she believes in Karma and the ex-Raiders’ troubled behavior will catch up to him eventually: “It’s cool because karmas a bitch. The way he acts and moves, he’s either gonna get killed or get locked up,” Danii finished.

Arnette’s trouble with the law

The current free agent has had a long list of incidents involving police.

Just this Monday the cornerback pleaded guilty on a misdemeanor charge for assault and drawing a deadly weapon in an incident in January of 2022 when he was arrested for pulling a gun on a valet attendant at the Park MGM in Las Vegas.

Arnett has also faced drug charges after police stopped him and arrested him on suspicion of drug and gun possession after finding a gun in the driver’s side door of a vehicle he was driving. Police also found a substance believed to be cocaine.

The 26-year-old, who is also a rapper under the name “NWG Suave”, is supposedly still trying to win back a job in the NFL after having two practice squad stints with the Dolphins (2021) and the Chiefs (2022) before getting cut because of his criminal offenses.

“If I’m blessed enough to get another chance in the NFL, then I’m going to kill that,” said Damon on Monday after pleading guilty. The ex-professional player then claimed that he was on his way to Dallas to have a meeting with the Cowboys.