Premier League are set to introduce new rules next season that will impact the use of VAR

The Three Rule Changes The Premier League Want To Introduce Next Season

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) have addressed a variety of aspects in relation to the use of VAR for handball and penalty decisions.

Referees are now likely to spend much more time reviewing decisions via pitch-side monitors due to the rule changes.

“Where a reviewable incident is subjective, the expectation is that the referee will undertake an ‘on-field review’,” The IFAB said in a statement.

“It was furthermore agreed that more insight into the decision-making process, for example access to the conversation between match officials during a review, would not be appropriate at this point, but that more effort should be made to enhance existing communication approaches to improve understanding of the review process and the referee’s final decision.”

‘Accidental handball’ has been a hotly disputed topic this season and it’s also been addressed.

“Accidental handball by an attacking player should only be penalised if it ‘immediately’ results in a goal or an obvious opportunity for the player and/or their team to score a goal (i.e. following the handball, the ball travels only a short distance and/or there are very few passes),” the statement added.

“For the purposes of determining handball offences, the ‘arm’ stops at the bottom of the armpit.”

Clarity has also been offered when it comes to goalkeepers coming off their line to save penalty kicks.

From the 2020/2021 season, penalty kicks will only be retaken if the goalkeeper comes off their line and saves the penalty.

This means that if the penalty is off target, it will not be retaken despite the keeper coming off their line.

However, encroachment will result in a penalty being retaken even if it’s scored or not.

Offside laws are currently being reviewed with a view of making the margin of error greater in an attempt to avoid ‘armpit offsides’ which have been prevalent this season.