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Rules and Regulations

Placing bets by anyone under 18 years is strictly prohibited.

Minimum stake is 500 TSH and maximum payout is 30.000.000 TSH.

One event can not be played twice at the same ticket.

Accepting of bets

All football bet will be settled on 90minutes play also referred to as full time(normal time). This denotes the period of play which includes time added by the referee for injuries and other stoppages. This does not include scheduled extra time or penalty shoot outs or extra time are due to take place, all bets are settled on 90 minutes unless an out-right price is specially requested on which the bet is placed. For matches played at neutral venues, the team listed on the left is still classed as the home team for settlement purposes. If a match is no longer at the venue advertised, bets will stand as long as the venue remains in the country and is not switched to the opponents ground. Should this occur all the bets will be void Where Throne Bet sports betting has not quoted prices on a match, any single bet on that match will be void (odd 1) are treated as a non-runner in multiple bets.

Time of accepting

Bets will be accepted up to the start of the event.

Bets accepted after actual start of the game

Bets made after the actual start of the event will be considered illegal even if they were accepted by the terminal and a ticket has been printed. Illegal bet will be considered void (odd 1).

Abandoned event

Should a football event be abandoned prior to the completion of 90 minutes play, all bets will be void (odd 1).
Abandoned events of other sport will be void (odd 1) for any time of abandonment.

Postponed events

If a match is postponed and not played in next 24 hours, all bets placed on that particular match will be void (odd 1).
Odds are subject to fluctuation up to the start of the event. Company can change date of event, odd or cancel any event. Valid odd is one printed on a ticket.

Canceling or changing ticket

The ticket played can be canceled or changed within 10 minutes from the time a ticket is played. After that, bet is completed and a ticket cannot be changed or canceled.

Wining ticket

Wining ticket is the one in which all events are affected. Wining amount is calculated by multiplying the stake and odds of all events on a ticket.


Company shall pay the winning ticket immediately after the last event on the ticket, and no later than 3 days. Player can collect winnings within 60 days, after that period ticket is no longer valid. Payment will be made only at the branch where the ticket was paid. Original ticket is the only valid proof of ownership of a certain bet. No copies of a ticket can be submitted for payment. Tickets that have been manipulated or worn-out, particularly, but not only, the ticket ID an barcode, will not be accepted as valid and will not be paid.

In case of any typos or error in data input (e.g. misspelled couples, odds, error disability, etc.) company reserves the right to cancel such bets, even if the error was discovered after the event.

The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. Any changes will be posted on the bulletin board in the facility.