Wembley to host “most expensive game in the world”

Wembley to host “most expensive game in the world”

Fulham will face a fine Brentford Tuesday evening, in a struggle to get the third, last, seat of the Premier League teams qualified for the Premier League.
And resolve Fulham His seat in the final after a 3-2 victory in the aggregate Cardiff City, Thursday evening, to set a date with Brentford, who eliminated Swansea City with the same result.

Why is the most expensive match in the world?

The winning team’s revenues can be about $ 220 million in case of qualification, in addition to another $ 155 million in the event of steadfastness, and staying among the adults after the first season in the Premier League.

These generous rewards mean that this game is the most expensive in football, with the difference between winning and losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is noteworthy that the difference between the value of winning and losing in a final Champions League It is only $ 8 million in bonus value, which is the match that will take place on August 23 in Lisbon.

The Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion teams qualified for the Premier League immediately after they won first and second places in the league, respectively, while Fulham and Brentford will face the third and last card on Tuesday.

Brentford is considered a first-class surprise this season, and if he qualifies, he will have reached the Premier League for the first time in his history, while Fulham may be used to playing in the excellent class, and his last participation was the 2018-2019 season before landing.